Text-To-Switch Explained

Text-to-switch is a brand new requirement created by Ofcom in order to make it easier to switch you mobile phone provider. Ofcom is the regulator of communications services (Phone, mobile, broadband and television) in the UK and is in place to help and protect the customer in relation to these services.

In 2017 Ofcom identified unnecessary difficulties when customers wanted to change their mobile provider. Ofcom found that in 38% of cases there was at least one major problem when customers wanted to switch - One of these difficulties was the need to speak directly to your network in order to end your service and the potential unwanted attempts for them to keep customers with the network. and problems arose in 38% of cases. in charge ofIt's clear the SIM only deals are great for saving money. But which SIM deals offer you the best deal for a low cost? We've compiled our list of the top 5 cheap deals we can find and explained what makes them worth considering.

What is Text-To-Switch?

Ofcom's text-to-switch rule makes it very simple for customers (both people and businesses) to leave their mobile provider by using an SMS service.

  1. The customer requests their PAC or switching code by texting a free number (they can still call or go online to achieve this)
  2. The customer receives a text message with their code plus any omportant info such as outstanding charges or account details
  3. The customer then gives their new network their PAC code meaning they can continue using their previous number
  4. The customers mobile service is switched within one working day and their old service ends - Importantly, there are no notice charges to pay

When Will Text-To-Switch Start Being Used?

The new Ofcom rules have to be provided by networks no later than 1 July 2019 but unfortunately there is not set date when a network will begin using them since there are multiple network and customer services changes that need to be mad.

Will this make using a SIM contract easy?

Yes, the Ofcom rules are there to make it easier for all types of mobile customers to switch but it will soon become even easier to switch to a new SIM only contract (easier than it already is).

Switching between networks has always been more difficult than it needs to be so that the networks can try to persuade customers to stick with them. When switching between SIM contracts it has usually been easier because there is no handset to deal with meaning if you're unhappy with a network of particular deal you're free to switch whenever your contract allows it.

For customers using more flexible 1 month SIM contracts this can mean that you can hop from deal to deal and suffer no problems and keep your number easily